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Jewelry Training Program

So I have somewhat started an online jewelry training program and what I mean by somewhat is that I have started doing there free courses and will sign up, but wanted to get the basics out of the way so that I can jump right into the jewelry projects. Basically this program is like being a jewelry apprentice and I love that after each stage you earn a certificate of completion. So the first stage has to do with basic sawing, filing and marking or layout. I use to just skip over tasks like this because I found them to be boring, but I have realized that skipping over them and jumping right into more complex projects is the reason why I would get discouraged and quit. So I actually surprised myself and found that I enjoyed these first two bench tests and even more so was able to get it right on the first try. So with the square and the triangle project i had to make sure that the shapes had to fit into the cut outs and in all directs. The second project was just to make sure I could file, saw and layout the project correctly.

jewelry 1

jewelry 2


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Gemstone Treatments and Synthetics

So while I am currently working on my Etsy shop and getting my plan in place. I can’t fully dedicate my whole time to that because of the watch repairs I receive from jewelry stores and clients and also jewelry repairs. I received these stones this week for testing to see if they are natural, synthetic or contain treatments and here is what I found:

Here is a synthetic hydrothermal emerald. First thought is that it is very clean to the naked eye. Under the microscope there is the ripple pattern that is the cellular growth.

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Here is a synthetic flux grown emerald. It is clean looking and that is the first sign it is either an imitation or synthetic. Under the microscope you can see the flux finger print

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This is a synthetic flux sapphire. How do I know? Well the top right picture shows pieces of platinum from the crucible it was grown in and the bottom right you see that white pattern that’s called flux finger print

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A beautiful Ruby. Under the microscope you can see a large air bubble. Also see the white spots that is the lead glass that might have been exposed to heat

This is a natural Ruby that is fractured filled with lead glass

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Another beautiful Ruby. My first suspicion is it is clean looking. Under the microscope it shows curved lines.

This Ruby is a synthetic flame fashion ruby

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Another beautiful Emerald. Again it looks clean. Under the microscope you can see a white line of gas bubbles and there is a rippling pattern parallel to that white line which is the cellular growth.

This is a synthetic hydrothermal emerald

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Some might think this is a emerald without seeing it under a microscope, but under a microscope in an immersion cell you see this. This is a color diffused quartz

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Large finger print inclusion means only one thing it’s a beryllium heated natural sapphire

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