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How to make money on Quartz Watch Repairs

So I haven’t been blogging that much as you can see because I have been busy with a lot of watch, clock, jewelry and eyeglasses repairs. I also have been making a good amount of jewelry for a store in town. But I wanted to pop in really quick and let everyone know that I have created my first ever E-book that I am very exciting about. It took me over a month to put this together and it is the Essential Guide to Quartz Watch Repair and how to make money.

If you have ever been interested in repairing your own watch or would like to repair other peoples watches as a hobby or to make money then definitely check out the E-book because it contains everything that I have encountered in this business. I know side hustles are the latest rage and watch repair is definitely a good side hustle.  The topics I cover are the following:

Topics covered are the following:
1. List of tools needed
2. List of suppliers for parts and tools
3. Removing and Installing Different Case Backs
4. Changing a Battery
5. Selecting and Fitting a New Crown
6. Removing a Stem
7. Fitting a Stem
8. Changing a Movement
9. Installing a Crystal
10. Adjusting a Watch Band
11. Removing Scratches from Plastic Crystals
12. How to make money off repairs
13. Appendix

So check it out, I am open to feed back and if there is a topic you don’t see in this book that you would like covered let me know. Stay tuned because I am working on a mechanical watch E-book and also some clock books as well.


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