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Hello everyone,

As you can see its been a long time since I have posted to this blog. The reason is is because I have started a new blog website that I am more dedicated to. It has everything from watch, clock and jewelry repair and jewelry design. It also serves as a teaching platform. Anything that comes across my bench I am posting detailed instructions on how I repair the item. So if you are a follower of this blog or you have stumbled across it, I wont be posting here no longer but you can find me at



How to make money on Quartz Watch Repairs

So I haven’t been blogging that much as you can see because I have been busy with a lot of watch, clock, jewelry and eyeglasses repairs. I also have been making a good amount of jewelry for a store in town. But I wanted to pop in really quick and let everyone know that I have created my first ever E-book that I am very exciting about. It took me over a month to put this together and it is the Essential Guide to Quartz Watch Repair and how to make money.

If you have ever been interested in repairing your own watch or would like to repair other peoples watches as a hobby or to make money then definitely check out the E-book because it contains everything that I have encountered in this business. I know side hustles are the latest rage and watch repair is definitely a good side hustle.  The topics I cover are the following:

Topics covered are the following:
1. List of tools needed
2. List of suppliers for parts and tools
3. Removing and Installing Different Case Backs
4. Changing a Battery
5. Selecting and Fitting a New Crown
6. Removing a Stem
7. Fitting a Stem
8. Changing a Movement
9. Installing a Crystal
10. Adjusting a Watch Band
11. Removing Scratches from Plastic Crystals
12. How to make money off repairs
13. Appendix

So check it out, I am open to feed back and if there is a topic you don’t see in this book that you would like covered let me know. Stay tuned because I am working on a mechanical watch E-book and also some clock books as well.


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Jewelry Training Program

So I have somewhat started an online jewelry training program and what I mean by somewhat is that I have started doing there free courses and will sign up, but wanted to get the basics out of the way so that I can jump right into the jewelry projects. Basically this program is like being a jewelry apprentice and I love that after each stage you earn a certificate of completion. So the first stage has to do with basic sawing, filing and marking or layout. I use to just skip over tasks like this because I found them to be boring, but I have realized that skipping over them and jumping right into more complex projects is the reason why I would get discouraged and quit. So I actually surprised myself and found that I enjoyed these first two bench tests and even more so was able to get it right on the first try. So with the square and the triangle project i had to make sure that the shapes had to fit into the cut outs and in all directs. The second project was just to make sure I could file, saw and layout the project correctly.

jewelry 1

jewelry 2


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Matching Wedding Bands

So I was asked by my sister and brother-in-law to make them their wedding rings. They were not looking for anything special just some plain bands. My brother-in-law’s original plan was to wear his grandfathers wedding ring that had a knife edge. He needed it stretched up but there was one problem, it had already been resized down and soldered in two places. I was unable to find a piece of gold stock with the knife edge to size it up, so I did the next best thing and made a replica of it and decided to make my sister-in-law a matching one. They have been wearing black silicon wedding bands so i decided to oxidize them to match the silicon rings. I tried to set some birthstones on the inside of the ring, but I didn’t have the correct size burr and wouldn’t be able to get it in time to give them their rings at the wedding.

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Here I am rocking my sweet 1970’s Tuxedo with ruffles that I got from a vintage store in Philadelphia. I grew the mustache for this occasion.


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Hamilton Railroad Pocket Watch

Received this Hamilton Railroad pocket watch in for repair from an appraiser across the county.  This watch was in pretty bad shape, it wasn’t running and there was a flood of oil on the movement when i opened the watch.

Check out all that Oil and it is not watch oil.

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Watch is now cleaned and ready to be assembled

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Watch is now running, have to do some fine tuning


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Gemstone Treatments and Synthetics

So while I am currently working on my Etsy shop and getting my plan in place. I can’t fully dedicate my whole time to that because of the watch repairs I receive from jewelry stores and clients and also jewelry repairs. I received these stones this week for testing to see if they are natural, synthetic or contain treatments and here is what I found:

Here is a synthetic hydrothermal emerald. First thought is that it is very clean to the naked eye. Under the microscope there is the ripple pattern that is the cellular growth.

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Here is a synthetic flux grown emerald. It is clean looking and that is the first sign it is either an imitation or synthetic. Under the microscope you can see the flux finger print

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This is a synthetic flux sapphire. How do I know? Well the top right picture shows pieces of platinum from the crucible it was grown in and the bottom right you see that white pattern that’s called flux finger print

Image may contain: food

A beautiful Ruby. Under the microscope you can see a large air bubble. Also see the white spots that is the lead glass that might have been exposed to heat

This is a natural Ruby that is fractured filled with lead glass

No automatic alt text available.

Another beautiful Ruby. My first suspicion is it is clean looking. Under the microscope it shows curved lines.

This Ruby is a synthetic flame fashion ruby

No automatic alt text available.

Another beautiful Emerald. Again it looks clean. Under the microscope you can see a white line of gas bubbles and there is a rippling pattern parallel to that white line which is the cellular growth.

This is a synthetic hydrothermal emerald

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Some might think this is a emerald without seeing it under a microscope, but under a microscope in an immersion cell you see this. This is a color diffused quartz

No automatic alt text available.

Large finger print inclusion means only one thing it’s a beryllium heated natural sapphire

No automatic alt text available.


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My Journey to Etsy

So for the last couple of months I have been playing around with the idea of opening my own Etsy Shop that I have title it Lariat Jewelers. Just to give you some background into the name, Lariat is an open-ended necklace that’s held together by an ornamental clasp in front, usually with diamond drops at each end.

So I have been researching the different jewelry shops on Etsy, reading all the blogs about the successful shops and I decided that it was time to open one. Most Etsy shops are successful not because they are making luxury jewelry, but because they have good photos, described correctly, and the SEO is spot on.

Let me give a little bit of background into my jewelry life. I have been obsessed with jewelry and gemstones since I was seven years old. I remember telling my dad at that that I wanted to open a jewelry store when i grew up. While children in elementary school were picking out books about cars and animals, I was always looking at the same book that was filled with faceted gemstones and jewelry (I wish I knew the name of the book because to this day I still love it). I should have went to jewelry school after high school, but my dream from when I was little was swayed by others telling me what direction I should go career wise.

It wasn’t until 2010 when I proposed to my wife with a ring that I designed (not fabricated) that the bug hit me again. So I decided it was time to start living that dream I had when I was seven. To make a long story short I am now a Registered Gemologist and Registered Gemology Appraiser from the International School of Gemology, Certified Diamontologist and Guild Gemologist from the Diamond Council of America. I have a certification from Gemcity College of Horology in both watch and clock repair and I am always continuing to learn as much about this industry as possible.

I did try making jewelry back in 2010, but I was not satisfied with what I was making, got frustrated, and decided to quit. I always had in the back of my mind different designs I want to make or would see jewelry that I loved and though I could recreate it, but because of my attempts in the past I would loose motivation. It wasn’t until I took a jewelry repair class at Metal Werx in Waltham, MA with Wayne Warner, to build on to my already existing knowledge, that the flame for making jewelry sparked up again. Hearing Wayne talk, seeing his work, and listening to the older students say “I wish I started making jewelry a lot sooner” was what did it. Wayne also said a quote that has stuck with me “Hang your ass out the window they are either going to kick it or kiss it”. So it was time to make jewelry that would get me kissed and not kicked or at least I wouldn’t kick myself and quit again.

So this is where it starts, my road to creating an Etsy shop. Usually at this point I would stay modest and say “well if I make a couple of sales that would be great.” but guess what I’m going to think big and say I’m going to make a ton of sales. I look at it this way if I can make jewelry that I am proud to display and I make one sale (and not from a family member or close friend) in the first year, then that is success for me.

Follow me closely because I will post everything I make, the good, the bad and the ugly and in a year from this blog post I plan to have made some sales, and have made some nice luxury jewelry.


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Oxidized Silver Necklace

Just finished this Oxidized Silver Necklace with a black pearl and tube set Rhodolite Garnets last night. I like most have started setting stones in tubes and bezels because it is the easiest to do, but I plan on moving away from this type of setting and build my skills to set stones in more complex ways.

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Designing Jewelry

Lately I have been getting back into jewelry designing and metalsmithing. I started making jewelry about 10 years ago, but I stopped because I wasn’t satisfied with the jewelry I was producing. I think the reason was is because back then I didn’t have half the equipment that I do now and also because I was experimenting with too much mediums.

Recently, I decided to have a go at it again and learn from my mistakes in the past. So below is my first attempt after being away from it for a long time. I can’t take credit for the design, but I wanted to see if I could at least make it. I have an idea that is my own design that incorporates the techniques below, but to add a pearl that I have carved. I will post this design soon.

Oxidized Silver Necklace, Hammered Texture, Tube set Rhodolite Garnet’s

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Carved Freshwater Pearl

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Antique Ring Restoration

Lately I have been receiving a lot of Jewelry repairs from Customers. Half of these repairs I have been getting lately I couldn’t do in the past or if I could there was much more risk then I have now. About a year ago I purchased an  Orion 100c Pulse Arc Welder and it was the best purchase I have made so far. It has cut down on a lot of risk, has cut down on the time it takes for me to do repairs and has allow me to take on jobs that in the past I would have rejected.

Below is a ring I received from a customer that was her grandmothers and needed retipping in white gold and also a new diamond. The picture does a bad job of showing the diamond, but I put in an SI2 that is .01ct. I’m still getting use to the settings on my welder, but it made this job easy to do.


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